I’ve been wanting my nose pierced for a good few months. The majority of the people I know have it done so I just thought why not get it done too. 

I have a fair amount of piercings myself. Some were done with a gun, some were done with a hollow needle. I decided to have it done with a gun because I always find that then needles are painful and also a gun can’t damage your nose that much like it can with the helix. 

I went to Claire’s to have it done seen as though I’ve had a few piercings done with them before and they’ve always been great. I didn’t realise that this would be the biggest mistake I made. 

A woman who worked in Claire’s pierced it with a hand gun so she physically had to push the stud through my nose with it. The gun got stuck to the stud she used so she kept pressing it in and pulling it out which caused me a great deal of pain. To top it all off the stud hadn’t gone through my nose properly and I had to sort it out myself due to not trusting her to sort it out because of what had already happened. 

Throughout all of this the woman that pierced it seemed very inexperienced and wasn’t every helpful. They also mentioned that the gun had done this before and they still haven’t reported this issue. 

Overall I don’t regret having the nose piercing and it didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting, out of 10 of pain it hurt about a 6. However, I wish I’d gone to a different place to have it pierced but I still would’ve had it done with a gun even though a needle would be better.