Living with acne can be hard even if it’s only mild. It can affect someone’s self esteem so bad and it can last for years. Personally I’ve suffered from acne when I was younger, I used to have small pimples that covered my face; I know what you’re all thinking “that isn’t acne” but I got these spots everywhere and you could hardly see my real skin. However, I know someone in my family that has been suffering from bad acne and we have found some remedies that work. 

  • Salt water and ice 

Put salt into a cup and pour boiling water into it. Let it go lukewarm and then dab/soak the pimple in it for 30 seconds. Then wrap some ice in a paper towel and hold that onto the spot for 30 seconds. This will help reduce the redness and the salt water will help to clean the pimple and dry it out. After you have done this make sure you moisturise your face due to your skin getting dried out from the salt water. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 

Get some apple cider vinegar and dilute it so it isn’t as strong, however don’t dilute it too much because it won’t work. Get some cotton wool and dab it onto the pimple, do not do this for too long though because it is acidic so you will begin to feel it burning your skin. It can also be used as an all over cleanser by just putting some onto a cotton wool pad and wiping it over your face avoiding the eyes. 

  • Tea Tree Oil

Get some tea tree oil and dilute it to a strength that you think suites you. Then apply it to a cotton bud or a cotton wool pad and  place it on the pimple and let it soak. It had an antibacterial in it which will help kill bacteria and unclog your pores. 

  • Sudacrem 

This is a antiseptic healing cream which has many mainly used for exma, wounds and rashes. However, it woks wonders with pimples. Apply a layer over the spot at night SMS let it soak in until the morning. This will help to kill the bacteria and reduce the spot size by helping it heal. 

  • Aloe Vera Gel 

This gel comes from a plant but it can be bought in tubes in most shops. It is soothing and an anti inflammatory which will help reduce the size and redness of pimples. After you have washed your face at night apply some of this gel to the pimple and let it soak in overnight. 

  • Change your Face Wash

If you are using harsh products on your skin everyday which strip of its natural oils (such as Clearasil) then you need to stop right there. These types of face washes are okay to use 4-5 days of the week however they will begin to dry the skin up so don’t use them everyday. This is because your skin produces natural oils, when these are stripped off and then the skin becomes dry and produces more oils to compensate for this. The pores then get clogged up and you get more pimples. A gentle wash should be used at least 2-3 days of the week and this could be something such as Cepatil and the face wash from The Body Shop are also very good. 

  • Drink water

You’ve probably heard it so many times but water is so good for the skin. It helps to hydrate it and push out any bacteria faster, this means that it will help spots disappear quicker. It is also good for the rest of your body and it clears it of any toxins and unwanted bacteria. 

  • The doctor 

If all this fails to work then it might be better to go to a doctor. A doctor can prescribe creams that are very strong and cannot be sold over the counter. These will help dry up the pimples/acne and it’s applied at night. However if you’re using a prescription cream for acne then you must remember to moisturise because they are very harsh on the skin. A doctor can also put you on a course of antibiotics which will help to fight the bacteria in the skin. If nothing they’ve tried works they can refer you to a dermatologist who can assess your skin and provide you with different acne tablets that will help to get rid of it.